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Chili Powder Machine

Chili Powder Machine includes two types. hammer mill type and roll milling type. Hammer mill type chili powder machine speed fast and cost lower. Hammer Mill Type Chili Powder Machine adopt full stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316 which is very clean and easy to maintain. Roll Mill Type Chili Powder Machine capacity low and cost high. But it can get best color chili powder, because during chili powder milling, the red pigment is pressed out.


Chili Flakes Machine

Chili Flakes Machine includes two types, Crusher Type and Roll Mill Type. Crusher Type Chili Flakes Machine cost low, the chili flakes is mixed with chili seeds. The Roll Mill type Chili Flakes Machine can roll mill and cut chili as flakes. it can remove chili seeds and make the chili powder grind to the chili flakes. The chili flakes color is better than just crusher.


Chili Paste Machine

There are many different chili pastes in the market, Different brands of chili paste may use different processing flows. Most popular type includes Chopped Chili Sauce, Frying Chili Sauce and Colloid Milling Chili Sauce. Chopped Chili Sauces are cut chili sauce and mixed with other ingredients. Frying Chili Sauce will frying chili in a chili frying pan. Colloid Mill Chili Sauce will use a colloid mill which makes all chili seeds as the final chili sauce.


Chili Cleaning Machine

Chili Cleaning Machine includes dry chili cleaning machine and fresh chili cleaning machine. For Dry Chili, we do not use water to wash. Generally, we need to remove stone, stem, dust, leaf, sand and fiber in the dry chili. We will need stoner removing machine, dust dry cleaning machine, fiber fire cleaning machine, impurity removing machine. For Fresh Chili, We will need air bubble water washing machine and air winnowing leaf removing machine


Chili Stem Cutter

Chili Stem Cutting Machine is used to cut the chili stem and separate them. Chili stem cutting machine has a rotary drum that is full of holes, the chili will rotate in the drum. some stems will get into the drum hole. then the blade will cut these stems which inserts into the drum. In this way, most chili stems can be cut. The cutting ratio can reach around 95%. Longer Drum and Multi-Layer Drum can make sure the chili stem cutting rate increases. Stainless Steel Drum can make it suitable for cutting fresh chili.


Chili Cutting Machine

Chili Cutting Machine includes Dry Chili Cutting Machine and Fresh Chili Cutting Machine. According to customer cutting shape and size requirements, For fresh chili, we can provide Fresh Chili Dicer Cutting Machine, Fresh Chili Ring Cutting Machine, Fresh Chili Slice Cutting Machine. For Dry Chili, we provide the dry chili ring cutting machine, dry chili long slice cutting machine, dry chili flakes cutting machine.

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading manufacturer of chili pepper processing machines. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians. Now, Romiter Group provides a complete chili pepper processing solution, which includes but is not limited to Chili Pepper Water Washing Cleaning Machine, Chili Pepper Stone Removing Machine, Chili Pepper Flakes Machine, Chili Pepper Paste Machine, Chili Cutting Machine, Chili Stem Cutting Machine, Chili Dryer Machine, Chili Pepper Powder Machine, Chili Pepper Sterilization Machine and Chili Pepper Sauce Packing Machine


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