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Chili Sterilization Machine

Automatic Chili Sauce Retort Sterilizer Machine

Automatic Chili Sauce Retort Sterilizer Machine (also called as autoclave or sterilizer) is used to sterilize chili sauce in bottle or package. Chili Sauce Sterilizer Retort is a ...
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Automatic Chili Sauce Retort Sterilizer Machine (also called as autoclave or sterilizer) is used to sterilize chili sauce in bottle or package. Chili Sauce Sterilizer Retort is a pressure vessel used in the food manufacturing industry to “commercially sterilize” food after it has been placed into its container and the container has been hermetically sealed.  The method of chili sauce sterilization is a thermal-based process or the application of high heat to the product.  The high temperatures required in a sterilization process destroy pathogenic organisms that may be present in the container or food product and is well above the boiling point of water at normal atmospheric pressure.  So, the retort is by design a “pressure vessel”.  Thermal processing/sterilization of shelf-stable, low acid foods (i.e.: defined as products with a finished equilibrium pH greater than 4.6 and a water activity greater than 0.85) is usually performed at temperatures at or above 250°F or 121°C, give or take ~10°F/5.6°C.  The higher the temperature, the shorter the time the product needs to be exposed to heat.  While there are several categories of retorts, for the purposes of our discussion we will be referring to batch type retorts only.

Automatic-Chili-Sauce-Retort-Sterilizer-Machine Automatic-Chili-Sauce-Retort-Sterilizer-Autoclave-Machine Automatic-Chili-Sauce-Retort-Sterilizer-Machine-Tray

Batch retorts are available in several configurations.  First, they can be static or agitating style machines.  A static retort is typically used for conductive (i.e.: viscous) heating products where the product does not benefit from any kind of movement during the process (heat or cooling).  Agitating style retorts are typically used for convective (i.e.: “flowable liquid”) type products that benefit from some product movement (i.e.: ‘stirring”) in the container during the process.  Either from a process stand-point, to improve the rate of heat transfer into/out of the container, and/or from a product quality stand-point (i.e.: to shorten the exposure time to heat).  Agitating style retorts can utilize various methods of agitation depending on the orientation of the product container.  Vertically oriented containers, such as cans or glass/plastic bottles, are typically agitated in a rotary fashion, either axially or end-over-end.  With horizontally oriented containers, such as flexible pouches and semi-rigid bowls and/or trays (which contain product that benefits from agitation) the preferred method is horizontal reciprocation.

Batch retorts can employ various methods of process delivery.  Some of which also utilize overpressure or counter-pressure to help protect the integrity of the container during the process (i.e.: to keep the package from bursting as temperature and pressure builds inside the container during the process).  Rigid containers, such as steel cans, can withstand large differences between the pressure inside and outside of the container, and therefore these types of containers typically do not require overpressure.  They can be processed in a 100% saturated steam environment without the use of overpressure during the heating phases.  On the other hand, more fragile flexible and semi-rigid containers cannot withstand high pressure differentials, so air is introduced into the retort to provide overpressure to maintain package integrity during the process.  These types of containers require more sophisticated overpressure process delivery methods such as water spray, water cascade or water shower, water immersion or steam-air type systems.  Because air is an insulator, a means of stirring or mixing the process media in the retort is required to avoid cold spots in the machine, thus ensuring good temperature distribution throughout the retort and product load.  This mixing is accomplished by the different water flow methodologies mentioned above, or via a fan in the case of steam-air retorts, and/or via mechanical rotation of the insert/drum in the case of agitating style machines.

Overpressure is also important in the cooling phases of a retort process because as cooling water is introduced into the retort it collapses the steam created in the heating step(s).  Without sufficient introduction of air overpressure during cooling, the pressure in the retort can suddenly drop due to steam collapse thus creating a vacuum situation in the retort.  If this happens the pressure differential between the outside environment and the temperature/pressure environment inside the container becomes too great thus causing the container to burst (otherwise known as “buckling”).  Precise control of overpressure during the initial phases of cooling is important to avoid the above situation but ramping that pressure down in the latter stages of cooling is important as well to avoid crushing the container (or otherwise known as “paneling”) as the temperature and pressure inside the container subsides.  While the retort process inactivates or destroys bacterial pathogens, it does not destroy all microscopic spoilage organisms. Thermophiles are bacteria that can withstand temperatures well above typical retort temperatures.  For this reason, the product must be cooled down to a temperature below that at which these organisms will reproduce, thus causing thermophilic spoilage.

Structure Introduction of Chili Sauce Sterilizer Retort


Specification of Chili Sauce Sterilizer Retort

Model Diameter Length Width Height Weight Inner volume Output Power
mm mm mm mm kg kg kw
RM-RT700 700 2000 1000 1300 320 0.46 100-150 30
RM-RT900 900 2600 1300 1600 660 1.14 200-250 36
RM-RT1000 1000 2800 1500 1800 830 1.72 300-400 45
1000 3000 1500 2000 900 1.88 500-550 45
RM-RT1200 1200 3500 1800 2000 960 2.18 600-700 90
1200 3800 1800 2500 1100 2.71 750-850 90
1200 4000 1800 2500 1500 3.05 1000 90
1200 4500 1800 2500 1600 3.39 1200 90
1200 4800 1800 2500 1800 4.06 1400 90
Design Temperature: 147℃
Experimental Pressure: 0.44Mpa
Design Pressure: 0.35Mpa
Max Working Pressure:0.3Mpa

Note: we provide customized sizes according to customer requirements.

Working Video of Chili Sauce Bottle Retort Sterilizer


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