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What is Difference Between Hot sauce and Red Chili Sauce


Hot sauce is a generic term meaning any kind of sauce which is hot. Chilli sauce is of course a hot sauce but its name tells you the primary ingredient is chili. It is quite difficult to create a hot sauce without chili as one of the primary ingredients. So, a hot sauce will have chili in it but it might have all sorts of other stuff like anchovies, dried shrimp, garlic, ginger, etc. to create a really aromatic but hot sauce. On the other hand, Red chili sauce is what it says, a sauce which is red made from chilies, so it’s going to be hot.

As others have noted, “hot sauce” covers a huge range of sauces – ranging from mildly spicy to mouth-searing – and they can be red or green or even other colors (I saw one that was purple).

But “red chili sauce” does as well. Then there’s red chile sauce, which covers another range of things. And then there’s chili sauce, which is a sort of doctored up ketchup, and is red, but isn’t called red chili sauce.

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