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Automatic Carbon Steel Chili Stem Cutting Machine

Automatic Carbon Steel Chili Stem Cutting Machine is used to cut both dry chili pepper stem and fresh chili pepper stem. Just switch on the machine power and put the raw chili int ...
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Automatic Carbon Steel Chili Stem Cutting Machine is used to cut both dry chili pepper stem and fresh chili pepper stem. Just switch on the machine power and put the raw chili into the feed port and then you can get chili without stem from discharging port. When all the raw material in the machine drum going out, the work is well done, then switch off the power. This machine is very simple to operate. Generally, the chili processing factory needs to cut chili stem manually. However, this manual way to remove chili stems has very low efficiency. Chili is a very hot spice with a pungent smell, so it is also a hard job to remove the chili stems. Full Automatic Dry Chili Stem Removing Machine help the factory solved the above problem with high efficiency and low power consumption. Romiter Full Automatic Dry Chili Stem Removing Machine can be used for all kinds of chili, like Mexico chili, Chinese chili, India chili and Siri Lanka chili.  Automatic Chili Stem Cutting Removing Machine has the requirements for the chili stem diameter size. we can customize the machine according to the chili size. The stem removing rate can reach 95%.

Working Principle of Chili Stem Cutting Machine

The working principle is simple. It like a shaver, the chili stem cutting machine has a rotary drum that is full of holes, the chili will rotate in the drum. some stems will get into the drum hole. then the blade will cut these stems which inserts into the drum.   In this way, most chili stems can be cut.  The cutting ratio can reach around 95%.  If customers want to realize a 100% cutting ratio, we can connect the chili stem cutting machine with the chili color sorting machine, which can select chili which the stem not be cut.

We have different types of rotary drums, rectangle hole drums and round hole drums

  • rectangle hole drums are suitable bend chili stem, which allows the bend chili stem insert into the drum hole for cutting
  • round hole drums are suitable for straight chili stem, which allow the straight chili stem insert into the drum hole for cutting.




Specification of Carbon Steel Chili Stem Cutting Machine

Model Material Drum Qty. Dry Chili Fresh Chili Power RPM Weight Dimension
Pcs KG/H KG/H KW r/min KG L*W*H(m)
RM-CSC60 Carton Steel 1 60 120 1.5 1400 95KG 2.86*0.59*0.85
RM-CSC90 Carton Steel 1 90 180 1.5 1400 143KG 3.86*0.6*0.83
RM-CSC120 Carton Steel 2 120 250 1.5 1400 238KG 2.86*0.59*1.36
RM-CSC180 Carton Steel 2 180 330 3 1400 357KG 3.86*0.59*1.36
RM-CSC250 Carton Steel 4 250 500 4.4 1400 470KG 2.86*1.1*1.5
RM-CSC350 Carton Steel 2 350 700 4.4 1400 550KG 4.86*0.68*1.65
RM-CSC500 Carton Steel 2 500 1000 6 1400 1370KG 6.2*0.86*2.24
RM-CSC800 Carton Steel 2 800 1600 8 1400 1575KG 6.8*1.1*2.7
RM-CSC1000 Carton Steel 2 1000 2000 8 1400 2100KG 8.2*1.1*2.8

Note: we provide the customized design chili stem cutting machine which drum is made of stainless steel.

Working Video of Carbon Steel Chili Pepper Stem Removing Machine

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading manufacturer of chili pepper processing machines. Romiter has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians. Now, Romiter Group provides a complete chili pepper processing solution, which includes but is not limited to Chili Pepper Water Washing Cleaning Machine, Chili Pepper Stone Removing Machine, Chili Dry Cleaning Machine, Chili Pepper Flakes Machine, Chili Pepper Paste Machine, Dry Chili Cutting Machine, Fresh Chili Ring Cutting Machine, Chili Seeds Separator Machine, Chili Stem Cutting Machine, Chili Dryer Machine, Chili Pepper Powder Machine, Chili Pepper Sterilization Machine and Chili Pepper Sauce Packing Machine

Romiter Group can provide customized products for customers. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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