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Automatic Chili Pepper Coarse Crusher Machine

Automatic Chili Pepper Coarse Crusher Machine is used to crush big dry chili into small chili flakes. which makes it is easy for following powder grinder or other processing. It i ...
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Automatic Chili Pepper Coarse Crusher Machine is used to crush big dry chili into small chili flakes. which makes it is easy for following powder grinder or other processing. It is used as special equipment for roughly crushing material in the previous process and can crush hard and tough material include plastics and steel wire. Chili Coarse Crushing Machine has a horizontal crushing structure and the whole machine is made of stainless steel. It has such features as compact structure, convenient operation, stable running, wearability, easy to clean, low noise, good efficiency, etc. so it is the most ideal new product in the current crusher market. Automatic Dry Chili Crusher Machine is widely used in industries of chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, foodstuff, rubber, plastics, etc. It is used as specialized equipment for coarse crushing of materials in the preparatory process, and crush hard and tough materials like plastics, rubber, etc. Especially, it is not limited by viscosity, hardness, softness and fiber shape of the material and has a good effect on all materials.


Working Principle of Coarse Dry Chili Crushing Machine

The dry chili coarse crushing machine has a horizontal crushing structure. The material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper, crushed by simultaneous cutting of both fixed and movable knives and rotating impact of rotating knife; and is flowed to the discharge automatically under the effect of rotating centrifugal force.



Specification of Dry Chili Coarse Crushing Machine

Model Capacity (kg/h) Inlet size (mm) Crush Fineness (mm) Rotate Speed (rpm) Motor (KW) Weight (KG) Size (mm)(L*W*H)
RM-CC100 15-100 <=50mm 0.5-20 500 2.2 170 550*380*1000
RM-CC200 30-300 <=50mm 0.5-20 500 3 220 600*400*1000
RM-CC300 50-500 <=100mm 0.5-20 500 4 300 700*500*1100
RM-CC400 100-800 <=150mm 0.5-20 500 5.5 380 800*780*1300
RM-CC500 150-1000 <=200mm 0.5-20 500 7.5 490 850*840*1450
RM-CC600 200-1500 <=250mm 0.5-20 500 11 660 920*900*1600
RM-CC800 300-2000 <=250mm 0.5-20 500 15 850 1150*1050*1500


Working Video of Dry Chili Coarse Crushing Machine

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