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Chili Planter and Harvester

Automatic Chili Pepper Transplanter Machine

Automatic Chili Pepper Transplanter Machine is used to transplanter chili pepper seedling.  Chili Pepper Seedling Transplanter Machine needs to match with tractor with climbing fu ...
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Automatic Chili Pepper Transplanter Machine is used to transplanter chili pepper seedling.  Chili Pepper Seedling Transplanter Machine needs to match with tractor with climbing function. Chili Seedling Transplanter having the function of transplanting seedlings and watering quantitatively. The chili transplanting machine is more suitable for working in the soil which the absolute moisture is not enough 20%. According to customer requirements, we have different lane types to meet tractor and customer requirements.


Feature of Automatic Chili Pepper Transplanter Machine

  1. Multiple functions: transplanting, watering seedling
  2. It can complete transplanting and watering operations at the same time.
  3. These machines are suitable for planting all seedlings including lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, onion, etc.
  4. Row spacing, spacing and depth of plants can be variable. The row spacing even down to 10cm.
  5. We can produce 1-12 rows seedling transplanter
  6. High productivity, low seedling loss rate.

Working Principle of Chili Seedling Transplanter Machine

The main operating principle is utilizing the whirling of double crankshafts. The whirling of crankshafts can drive the movement of duck-billed which is reunited with the advanced movement of the tractor, realizing the vertical takeoff and landing of duck-billed, pledging the vertical planting of seedlings.

The synchronization between equipment of transplanting and movement of watering guaranteed that the water and seedlings can in the same hole. The row spacing of vegetable transplanting machine can be adjusted according to the chain of the transmission mechanism, the planting of seedlings adapt to the equipment of transverse throw seedlings, ensuring that have enough time to throw seedlings, reducing the rate of transplanting seedlings efficiently, increasing the rate of transplanting efficiently. The equipment of watering adapts to the electrical sensing element, brings about the watering of fixed quantity and point, improved the survival rate of seedlings in a large degree.

Specification of Automatic Chili Seedling Transplanter Machine

Dimension: (l*w*h)mm 1500*1450*1500 1800*1600*1550
Weight(kg) 340 440
Power(hp) 7.5-9 7.5-9
Engine rotating speed(r/min) 1800 1800
Working speed(km/h) 0.8-2.2 0.8-2.2
Row 1 2
Row distance(mm) 400-1200 300-800
Seedling distance(+-20mm) mm 300-600 300-450
Seedling distance qualification rate:% >=95 >=95
Deep(mm) 60-120 60-120
Deep qualification rate % >=98 >=98
Seedling loss rate % <=1 <=1
Seedling loss rate % <=1 <=1
Recommend height of the seedling(mm) 80-200 80-200
Working capacity(m2/hour) 1000-1400 1000-1400
Pieces per hour >=1900 >=3500

Working Video of Automatic Chili Seedlings Transplanter

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