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Automatic Planetary Stirring Chili Sauce Frying Pan

Automatic Planetary Stirring Chili Sauce Frying Pan(also called chili sauce cooking pot) is used for mixing and cooking chili sauce. Chili Sauce Frying Cooking Pan is designed wit ...
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Automatic Planetary Stirring Chili Sauce Frying Pan(also called chili sauce cooking pot) is used for mixing and cooking chili sauce. Chili Sauce Frying Cooking Pan is designed with an automatic tilting function which makes the material discharge very simple. We can adopt different heating sources for this machine, Such as electricity, LPG, natural gas, diesel, steam and thermal oil. Romiter Chili Paste Planetary Frying Panlarge is with a large heating area with high thermal efficiency. The heating temperature are uniform which makes sure we get high-quality final chili sauce.  Automatic Chili Sauce Cooking Pan with Stirrering are ideal equipment for food processing to improve quality, shorten time and improve working conditions. Automatic Chili Paste Planetary Frying Pan is widely used in candy, pharmacy, dairy products, alcohol, cakes, candied fruit, beverage, canned, braised food such as food processing,

Application of Planetary Stirring Chili Sauce Frying Pan


Advantage Feature of Planetary Stirring Chili Sauce Frying Pan



  1. Our machines are made of stainless steel 304,which is safe and healthy. High quality material can make machine is durable and long life span
  2. Adopt planetary mixing methods which make sure the chili sauce can be mixed evenly and heated evenly.
  3. Automatic Tilting and Discharge the Material which solves the problem of difficult discharging and difficult cleaning
  4. Automatic Control System which makes us control mixing speed, rotation direction, automatic tilting hydraulic discharging very easy. , Machine is easy to operate and reduces labor costs.
  5. The bottom and top of the pot of the equipment are divided into three layers of structure, with heat preservation, circulating oil circuit, heating fast, energy-saving.So that the output will increase.
  6. The size of the machine can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Structure of Planetary Stirring Chili Sauce Frying Pan


Specification of Planetary Stirring Chili Sauce Cooking Pot

Model Volume Diameter Stirring mode Discharging method Motor Power Dimension mm
RM-PFS100 100L 800mm Planetary/ Automatic/ 3kw 1650*1170*1500
scrap base hydraulic
RM-PFS200 200L 900mm Planetary/ Automatic/ 3kw 1800*1600*1600
scrap base hydraulic
RM-PFS300 300L 1000mm Planetary/ Automatic/ 3kw 1900*1800*1700
scrap base hydraulic
RM-PFS400 400L 1100mm Planetary/ Automatic/ 3.7kw 2000*1800*1700
scrap base hydraulic
RM-PFS500 500L 1200mm Planetary/ Automatic/ 5.5kw 2100*2080*1750
scrap base hydraulic

Note: We have different heating source type, please confirm the heating source you need (natural gas, electricity, steam, thermal oil, LPG, diesel or electromagnetic)

Working Video of Automatic Planetary Stirring Chili Sauce Frying Pan

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