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Chili Stem Cutting Machine

Large Capacity Chili Pepper Stem Cutting Machine

Large Capacity chili stem removing machine is a special design for cutting chili stem. Large capacity chili stem cutting machine is designed with large drum and multi-layer drum w ...
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Large Capacity chili stem removing machine is a special design for cutting chili stem. Large capacity chili stem cutting machine is designed with large drum and multi-layer drum which can realize large capacity and make sure the cutting result is good. We equipped chili pepper feeding conveyor for such big capacity chili stem cutting machine. This chili stem cutting machine is mainly used for cutting dried chili handles. The equipment has a high cutting rate, low pepper damage and high efficiency.

Working Principle of Chili Stem Cutting Machine

The working principle is simple. It like a shaver, the chili stem cutting machine has a rotary drum that is full of holes, the chili will rotate in the drum. some stems will get into the drum hole. then the blade will cut these stems which inserts into the drum.   In this way, most chili stems can be cut.  The cutting ratio can reach around 90%.  If customers want to realize a 100% cutting ratio, we can connect the chili stem cutting machine with the chili color sorting machine, which can select chili which the stem not be cut.

Use the feeding conveyor to transport the peppers to be processed into the drum. The motor drives the drum to rotate at high speed, so that the peppers in the drum will be turned over and over under the action of centrifugal force, so that the heavier end of the handle is attached with the drum which with a uniform round hole with same size, the pepper handle is caught in the round hole, and it is cut off by the shearing device installed on the outside of the drum as the drum rotates, so as to achieve smooth handle removal target.

Advantage Feature of Large Capacity Chili Stem Cutting Machine

  1. The equipment is equipped with a high-performance variable frequency speed control device, easy to operate. According to different pepper varieties, through the different speeds, to achieve the best performance. The overall performance has reached the international advanced level.
  2. The main equipped with auxiliary equipment such as supporting transportation makes the overall automation performance significantly developed, play an important role in the processing of bulk agricultural products. It can replace a lot of labor work and greatly improve work efficiency.
  3. The knife holder adopts a special structure to automatically correct. When the drum rotates, the error jumps up, down, left, and right to ensure that the blade closely adheres to the cylinder surface in real-time to achieve the perfect cutting effect.
  4. The blade is made of high-elastic steel, which is sharp and durable. A rubber buffer strip is added to the front of the throwing plate in the drum to reduce the broken rate
  5. The transmission adopts a universal transmission mode, which is reliable in operation, reduces transmission resistance and prolongs the life of the machine.

Large-Capacity-Chili-Pepper-Stem-Cutting-Removing-Machine Large-Capacity-Chili-Pepper-Stem-Cutting-Machine Large-Capacity-Chili-Pepper-Stem-Cutting-Machine-with-Discharge-Conveyor Large-Capacity-Chili-Pepper-Stem-Cutting-Machine-with-Feeding-Elevator Large-Capacity-Chili-Pepper-Stem-Cutting-Machine-Manufacturer

Chili Stem Cutting Result

Fresh-Chili-Stem-Cutting-Machine-Result Automatic-Dry-Chili-Pepper-Stem-Cutting-Machine

Specification of Large Capacity Chili Pepper Stem Cutting Machine

Model RM-CS400L RM-CS600L RM-CS1000L
Dry Chili Capacity 400-500kg/h 600-700kg/h 800-1000kg/h
Fresh Chili Capacity 800-1000kg/h 1200-1400kg/h 1600-2000kg/h
Drum Diameter Size 60cm 80cm 80cm
Drum Material Stainless SUS201 Stainless SUS201 Stainless SUS201
Power 7.5kw 10KW 13KW
Main Body Dimension 6*0.8*2m 6*1*2.7m 6.9*1.2*2.7m


Working Video of Large Capacity Chili Pepper Stem Cutting Machine

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